Superbowl 2016 – My favourite Ads

Now the hype of Superbowl XLIX has started to die down, and Ely Manning has managed to find a fake smile, I thought it was time to analyse the adverts.

Heinz were a popular favourite around the office, especially amongst the girls, with their sausage dogs, but I felt there was more to be done.

Doritos created another great ad, continuing the theme of the last couple of years.

My favourites however came from 2 car brands.

Toyota’s Go Prius Go advert I thought did a great job at tackling a lot of the issues consumers have with electric cars in an entertaining way.  There was a missed joke with the bag of money left to the owner – could have mentioned how well priced the cars are (but maybe they aren’t).

Hyundai were the other winners in my mind, with their Ryanville advert.  It kept the female audience engaged with the star, men were watching out of some false sense of hope his smug face would fall off the bike, and then right at the end in the final moments they put across the point of the brand – the auto-emergency breaking.


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