Range Rover PR Pays Off!

Range Rovers (recently, white Range Rovers) have been seen as a prestigious motor car, that reflects wealth, celebrity status and probably a pinch of arrogance.  The Royal Family use them as their car of choice, and there are a vast number of celebrities and “celebrities” who are seen in them, which helps to reinforce the brand’s prestigious positioning.

The rise of the Chelsea Tractor has left a lot of people wondering if Range Rover has lost it’s way as a sturdy behemoth of the road.  However, thanks to Amy Childs of the intriguing show The Only Way Is Essex, their reputation as a super-tough monster has been restored.

Only this week, on the quiet streets of North London, she managed to fully roll her car onto it’s roof!

Helping hand: An unidentified man was seen helping Childs out of the car after it somersaulted 

This photo shows the car at rest like a turtle on it’s back, and a set of traffic lights who seem to have lost the battle.  Other photos in this Daily Mail article show that, albeit wet, the road looks like a quiet 30MPH road (not one to make assumptions).

I hope all the London Range Rover owners can sleep easy in their gated properties knowing that they are safe and will win in any traffic collision.  The only outstanding issue is what will be done with her £80,000 personalised “WE11 JEL” numberplate…


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