This year’s greatest piece of advertising

Sometimes a brand produces a truly magnificent piece of work.  Charities such as GreenPeace have been doing this for years, Guinness have produced some of the best ads ever created, and companies like Apple and Samsung have been changing the face of consumer tech with their new product launches for years.

For a while, KLM has been one of the best advertisers in the travel industry.  they have craeted some great stunts that have really wowed and engaged their audience, building brand love and loyalty with quirky videos and interaction.

However, this all may have changed all because of Thorne Travel, a Scottish travel agents.  They released an ad this week that, to the greatest respect, has somehow seen their bookings increase 110% as reported by the Daily Mail.  Obviously this will be due to the advert, as any advertiser will understand (especially when you view it) but worryingly the owner of the company doesn’t know if the rise in bookings was due to the TV ad or simply a coincidence!!

The use of shocking graphics, real employees, a man in drag doing a stunt, a “ship’s captaiN” in an ill-fitting costume and scenes constantly changing from black & white to colour when the company gets involved all combine to make a truly hilarious video.

All that remains is to wonder endlessly what the brief for this video must have said…


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