How to make the most out of sponsorship

Dyson Hoovers recently announced themselves as Bath Rugby’s newest shirt sponsor.  Dyson started in a shed in bath with the current owner and founder James Dyson, along with 2 graduates.  21 years later, they employ over 2,000 employees where Bath remains their local team.

What is interesting about this sponsorship is that they are displaying their whole range of hoovers; they have created a unique set of shirts that match different Dyson technologies with player positions.  Just as each Dyson technology has a unique function and benefit, the same applies to players on the field of play.

The front row will wear Dyson digital slim shirts; the second row will be Dyson Animal; back row will be Dyson on a ball; half-backs and fullbacks will wear Dyson hot + cool; whilst the speedsters in the centre and on the wings will wear Dyson 110,000rpm – after the small, fast Dyson digital motor.


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