Rich Man Buries His Bentley For Charity

Brazilian billionaire, Chiquinho Scarpa, is known for being eccentric, so when he posts on Facebook about his wild lifestyle, people expect what they read.

What they didn’t expect was when he posted on Facebook about how the Pharaohs had inspired him to bury his most-loved possessions, and so he was going to bury his £500,000 Bentley in his garden.

There was uproar from people saying he should donate the money, bury himself instead as he was so selfish, etc.  The story was picked up around the world.

He invited the press to his garden, where he had dug a huge hole, and was ready to commence the ceremony.  The car was lowered into the whole…when he suddenly stopped the “ceremony”.  He invited all the press into his home, where he spoke to them.

It is absurd to bury your car, but it’s not absurd to bury your organs.

This was the message from the Brazilian Donor Organisation, who used his story to boost awareness.  The stunt gathered an estimated $22,000,000 in media value, and a rise in 30%+ of organ donor registrations in a month.


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