Amazing Insight Drives Amazing Results

It’s safe to say that some of the best work created comes from a clear insight.  I hope that these 2 examples will inspire that thought.

The first is from Denmark.  Denmark is currently experiencing an ageing population – they need a baby boom.  Essentially, then need couples having sex and babies!  This on going problem could wreak havoc on the country’s economy.  But Spies Travel believe they have found a way to fix it.

The insight?  Couples have more sex on holiday!  10% of all Danish people were conceived on holiday, and the Danish themselves have 46% more sex on holiday!

So Spies Travel are encouraging for everyone to get out the country, and do their part…but what about those who have already done their duty and are now to old?  Or perhaps a couple who will struggle to have birth?   Luckily, although the Danish need results, taking part in this campaign is fun for everyone, so all should take part.


My second example comes from America.

Eat24 is an online takeaway app.  As a privately owned company, ROI is everything to the business, and as they put it, “we don’t want to dip into our hair gel fund”.  They also state “It’s an eternal quest to find the perfect ad platform with really high traffic, and dirt cheap inventory. Basically, a unicorn.”  As you can tell, they are pretty quirky!

The Insight.  Well, we are drawn to porn sites.  30% of all web traffic is dedicated to porn.  40million Americans regularly visit porn sites – 2/3 of men and 1/3 of women admit to watching porn.  70% of those men are aged 18-34 (target audience) and, best of all, 85% of men watch porn between 7pm – 3am.  That’s when men eat!

And because porn is a “dirty” industry, no one advertises there apart from other porn sites.  Check out the costs!

Eat24 porn web banner ads - cost per impression

The strategy they pursued was to make a lot of suggestive ads that would fit seamlessly onto the page of porn sites, live webcams and male enhancement pills.  These suggestive, but humorous ads would gets a man’s attention, and the inquisitive male was likely to find out more!

The selection of ads went down a storm, apart from one:

Eat24 porn banner ad - sandwich wants to be inside youEat24 porn banner ad - eat me sushiEat24 porn banner ads

That’s right…Monkey’s are not allowed in porn advertising!

Eat24 porn banner ads - acceptable animals

So, once this was overcome, they loaded the ads onto low-cost pages, and waited on anxious breath for the results to slide themselves in.

Eat24 most clicked porn site banner adsDelivery Food US Cities Order When They're Horny

What Time of Day are US Cities Hungry and Horny

Some real insight was taken in, so that Eat24 now know where to target what meals, to which cities and at what time, to maximise ad effectiveness.

They also learnt about where to place the ads.

Eat24 porn banner ad on PornhubEat24 porn banner ad - sandwich wants to be inside you

With the ad next to the video, instead of the homepage (the bottom image for those of you that “aren’t familiar” with pornography) The ad received 5x more click-throughs!

And as a final cherry on top, some of their biggest fans were the porn stars themselves, who would tweet about it.




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