SuperBowl 48’s Super Night with Bud Light.

bud light

Bud light is the perfect beer for a man who is Up For Whatever – it will accompany you through the most random of nights out!

Ian, an average American, found this out the interesting way.  A good looking woman named Kelly approaches him, and asks him “If I give this to you, are you up for whatever happens tonight?”  This leads him on an interesting journey:

  • Into a limo with Reggie Watts and a bachelorette party
  • Having a style makeover from Minka Kelly.
  • Meeting Don Cheadle and his llama Lily.
  • Defeating Arnold Schwarzenegger at ping-pong
  • Meeting Kelly’s identical twin, and a whole host more of identical twins.
  • Getting on-stage with One Republic

They set Ian up by telling him he was needed to answer questions as part of a focus group – the video of which can be found here

In the mean time, check out Ian’s journey, and ask yourself – are you up for whatever?

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