PR Win from Shell

Shell had a huge PR win recently, and I am disappointed in myself for not noticing sooner!

On the podium for the national anthems after the Belgian Grand Prix, the TV cameras noticed a small remote-control flag start to rise in the foreground of the podium.  Embarrassingly to Shell, it was half their logo (with a devil horn) next to half a polar bear’s head.

Shell Bear

After a short while, and I imagine a lot of radio chatter, a man who I believe to be a key member of the sponsorship team (as he is at every race, handing out the branded hats and watches to drivers) went and bent the metal to remove it.

Then, as if it was all over, a second identical flag popped up next to it.  Sadly, it came up a few seconds too early and the same man noticed it before he walked off-stage, and took it down quickly.

Credit to Greenpeace, and the Greenpeace Ninjas, who managed to sneak it in there!


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