I’m back

im back

Wow!  Almost a month since my last post.  This is not because of the lack of inspirational marketing material out there, but purely through my own shittyness.

Nevermind!  Here are some highlights from the last month!

Deadly Mothers

This great video starts off looking like a bit of a horror movie.  It  was broadcast in Finland to highlight how dangerous it is for pregnant women to smoke.

UK Christmas Ads

I am a bit disappointed this year – none of the adverts have really stuck in my mind apart from Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely running around in a bikini.  Better luck next year, teams!


This is a fantastic visual from Charmin, who released this on the day Thor 2 premiered in the UK.  It is cheeky and riddled with film references – not to mention that Asgard (Thor’s home kingdom) sounds like ass-guard!

Skype’s Unique Friendship

This is a touching video from Skype, demonstrating that without their unique capabilities, these 2 unique people would have never known each other, and could have struggled through life a lot more, possibly feeling slightly outcast, with no one to turn to who truly understands them.


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