Seattle Police Hand Out Crisps To Stoners


You read that headline correctly.

Seattle Police have thought of a brilliant way of reaching their target audience – by handing out free bags of crisps with some helpful information stuck to them.

Marijuana was legalised in Washington last autumn, and at the three-day Hempfest pot festival, Seattle police turned up to reward  consumers with free Doritos, but also warn them of the Do’s and Don’ts of using it.  For example:

DO listen to Dark Side of the Moon at a reasonable volume.

DON’T drive while high.

The friendly way in which this has been written only adds to the good PR, which police can always do with.

In the UK, police have been seen sledging on riot shields (For which they got in trouble for) and more recently having a dance-off at Notting Hill Carnival – which sadly I’m sure they will get in trouble for again.  I think it’s time that every major decision by the head of a company should report to a creative mind to see whether or not it’s the right thing to do…


2 thoughts on “Seattle Police Hand Out Crisps To Stoners

  1. Our police have always been very tolerant of marijuana smoking. Hempfest is overtime for them, it’s a job where they won’t have to fill out any paperwork, let alone run to chase people or get shot at. They simply enjoy the music, or, if it’s not their style, try to avoid it. And they watch the weird people.

    You’re right that the Seattle Police need all the good PR they can get!

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