A YouTube Seizure

This medical condition has many terms – YouTube Seizure, YouTube Coma, The YouTube Black Hole, but we all know what it means, and we have all fallen ill to it’s power.

That’s how I came across this (awesome!!)

This is when you watch a video on YouTube, and then get distracted by a “related” video, and another, and another, before too long it’s 45 minutes later and your girlfriend is screaming at you for not being dressed or showered as her parents are at the front door waiting, and to her there’s only one reason you would be sat with your laptop alone for that long.

Last week however I discovered something new…something deadly.  It is the upgraded “2.0” of what is already a serious problem.

Step 1)  Go to any YouTube video.

Step 2) Pause it.

Step 3) Click outside the frame.

Step 4) Type “1980” – no need to hit enter.

Step 5) Defend your video from missile attack for the duration of your video.



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