Comic Con 2013 San Diego

I never realised how huge Comic Con is.  I always assumed it was a place for one type of person:

As a fan of Breaking Bad, I came across a story that Bryan Cranston (who I still loves as Hal from Malcolm In The Middle) had spent hours walking around Comic Con in a mask of the character he plays, Walter White.  He claims to put on a higher voice as he walks around the convention taking photos and talking to fans, pretending to be a loyal fan.  We learn at the beginning of the panel slot that Breaking Bad is in “Hall H”, which is the biggest area reserved for the huge comics and movies around them, whereas TV shows are usually confined to one of the smaller, surrounding rooms.

Karson TagerKevin Winter for Getty Images


I then see the theatre that Hollywood puts into the mix, in Hall H as mentioned above.  The 2 highlights come from DC & Marvel comics.

Marvel first were there to promote Avengers 2, Thor 2, Captain America 2 and whatever other films they have queued up.  Just as they had started talking about the film, there was a very well-timed power cut, and then a lot of drama…


The second comes from DC comics, the “Arch nemesis” to Marvel, and their exciting new movie announcement.  The script is not yet written, they don’t know what will happen in the film, but they can reveal one, key aspect of it – apologies for the picture quality!


The ever expanding breadth of Comic Con shows the possibilities for talking to, and building a relationship with, a really engaged audience.  Plus…you get some of this:


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