Samsung Could Save Your Life!

OK, recent news may have you thinking otherwise, after one of their phones spontaneously combusted in a girl’s pocket leaving her with 3rd degree burns!

The fire-damage on the Samsung S3 phone, pictured, is thought to have been caused when the battery exploded. Miss Schlatter's thigh suffered second and third degree burns when the phone exploded in her pocket.


However, that’s the UK, and we can put that down to the heatwave maybe?  In South Korea, the favourable suicide “technique” is jumping off bridges, and the bridge with the most victims is the Mapo Bridge.

In steps Samsung Life Insurance, who places movement reactive message boards along the edges of the bridge.  As someone walks past, the handrail next to them lights up, each with it’s own different and special message.  The Bridge of Death became The Bridge of Life.


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