Smirnoff Mindtunes

Is it possible to create music using only your mind?  It’s All Gone Pete Tong gives us hope, as world-famous DJ Frankie Wilde goes completely deaf and ends up creating one of the best tracks ever created, only to tell his agent “It’s good is it? I’ve not heard it”.

Now Smirnoff Vodka have looked to create a music track using only one instrument – the human mind.  They take 3 disabled people and have them “plugged-in” to some specifically designed software and hardware that will read their feelings and emotions and translate them into sounds.  Then using help from DJ Fresh and Julien, a French man with a PHd in Art, Science & Technology.

Creativity can’t be taught. It’s already there – inside every one of us. All you need is the means to get it out there – for everyone to see.”

You can see the video about the project here.


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