Start/Stop with Volkswagen

The following ad depicts every parent’s nightmare.  We see the dad driving along, with the baby fast asleep in the back seat.  He comes to a stop at a red light where Volkswagen’s new feature kicks in, and the engine cuts off automatically.

It is the lack of noise that suddenly wakes the baby and he starts crying.  The dad, who looks sleep deprived himself,  looks on waiting for the red light to turn green, and when it eventually does, the engine soothes the baby back to sleep.

It touches on an anguish that not only parents will be able to relate to, but anyone who knows people with children will have heard stories of the crying wars between parent and child, and their lack of sleeping habits.

Apparently, you can turn the start/stop off at the push of a button, but that doesn’t seem important.  No worries if the baby’s crying…at least you save money on fuel.



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