Non-Profit Pornography

Don’t let the headline put you off – this is a really interesting campaign by Come4.

This video is pro-prostitution, and it really hits home and connects with the audience.  The video is narrated by a man, talking how he once loved, but the girl never noticed him. Now he never stays long with the same girl, and he enjoys it.  He admits that he knowingly breaks the law by paying for sex, but he doesn’t care.   His dad comes with him sometimes, to help him choose the right girl.  Now he brings friends along too, and they all enjoy it.

At the end of the video, we see that the narrator is a man called Astor Phillpot, and he has been in a wheelchair all his life.  He doesn’t care what you think of him.  He has spent the last 5 years helping disabled people discover the wonders of sex, and he wants us to help change the way we all view sex and prostitution.


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