A Father’s Worst Nightmare

The worst news for a father to receive about his son is not that he is being bullied, or that he hurt himself in the playground, or even that he is failing at school.

No, the worst news by far is that he doesn’t support the same team as you. Imagine, a father who proudly supports Liverpool, or Manchester United, and a son who has sided with Everton or Manchester City.  Horrible thoughts, I know…not even worth joking about.

In case this horrific circumstance ever came about, one company in Spain has come up with an ingenious way to cure this madness.  Real Madrid and Barcelona have arguably the biggest rivalry in non-international football, so there is much more at stake.

Inside these pillows, the club’s song can play out, whilst the children sleep, and subconsciously they will join the right side and prove their fathers proud.

I bring you BabyGol Therapy.


Real Madrid

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