The Best of April Fools

April 1st is a great day for brands to show their human side.  They can put stuff up that most will understand is a joke but some will fail to understand.

By far my favourite comment to a brand’s joke was in reply to Virgin’s glass bottomed planes, with one user writing “You have most of your mechanical engineering in the underbelly, so this would never work, now sort out my fucking Wi-Fi!”

Below are some of my favourite examples, not only from brands:





Rugby Union

Twickers Mirror

“Innovative news from Premiership Rugby – They plan to install gigantic mirrors above Twickenham so that supporters can watch the Aviva Premiership Final from outside the stadium.

Each mirror has been specially angled to ensure the sun does not reflect and blind pilots landing at Heathrow.

Sally Afoprodi from Premiership Rugby said: 
“With so many more fans desperate to be part of the big day, we feel this radical and innovative design will allow thousands more to witness the action and experience that unique match day feeling.

“It’s wonderful to see these plans finally unveiled and we are now looking to install the mirrors over the next few weeks. To be honest our biggest challenge has been keeping everything under wraps!””




If you know any good ones, put them in the comments below!!


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