Test Drive Surprise

I had the pleasure whilst at university of being given a real live brief from the car manufacturer Seat, and we had to come up with ideas to re-launch the brand.  Our idea was a test drive that resulted in a party upon their return, with confetti cannons etc etc.  Sadly our idea wasn’t taken up, but I have since noticed the work done around test drives.

The most recent I have come across is from Renault, introducing their Va Va Voom button, a great USP of the vehicle apparently.

For the guys:

For the girls:

I have previously written about Goodyear and more recently Pepsi who did pranks over a test drive, both of which are great examples.

A final example is a large scale version of another idea we had for Seat.  We wanted to have a street shootout with paintball guns as a huge PR stunt, but that was a no-no quite early on.  Soon after, this appears on the internet (I suspected we had a leak in my team selling all the good ideas!)


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