Pepsi Max – 0 Calorie Cola In Disguise

Following on from my earlier post about Coca Cola and Coke Zero, we move neatly onto Pepsi and Pepsi Max.

Their tagline, as seen above, is “0 calorie cola in disguise”.  They want to show you that you can be as energetic with Pepsi Max as you can be on normal Pepsi.  How to do this?  They disguise famous sportspeople to look very un-sportsman like and put them into situations in front of an unsuspecting person, or crowd.

The first comes written and directed by Kyrie Irving, a famous basketball player.  They disguised him as old-times Unle Drew and he wanders over to a public basketball court and asks to join.  The players agree, and he starts off pretty poor, with most the crowd quietly laughing at him.  Soon though he gets more comfortable and the skills of his youth come back to him as he tears up the court at a level that these people have only ever seen on TV.  He taunts them until the whole crowd are screaming at his quality.  The first video was so successful, they made a second, with Kevin Love playing Uncle Drew’s friend Wes.  Check out the two videos below:


Due to the success of these videos, Pepsi Max wanted more, so they invited racing star Jeff Gordon to disguise himself and go for a test drive.  He lays some doubt as to his driving ability with jerky accelerating and braking, due to the unusually high power the car has that he isn’t used to, before screeching off in a cloud of smoke at the salesman’s horror.


These are 3 great videos showcasing innovative and inspirational work by Pepsi and it’s stars.  The Jeff Gordon video uploaded 2 days prior to writing this post, and already has over 7m views on YouTube, and in a Google search for him, 5 of the top 7 results are related to the Pepsi Max video – great coverage for Pepsi.


Jeff Gordon


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