Certificate for Carlsberg

Carlsberg’s online presence is massive.  Their viral videos are always a talking point around the office.  Their latest video is a great demonstration of this.

To test how strong friendships are, Carlsberg got young men to phone their mates between 1am – 5am and ask them for €300 that they owed in a poker game.  If they came, they arrived in a dodgy car park, got searched, and then walked through this maze of underground illegal doings.  Would their friends make it, and what will happen to them?  See for yourself.

Next, we come to the Crate Escape, where man is “imprisoned” with their better halves on a spa weekend that site agonizingly close to a Carlsberg factory.  How they survive the ordeal is a great display of innovation, creativity and teamwork.  As for the video, there are far more references to the movie than just a tunnel and the music, so look out for them.

The next video shows the awkward situation of when you are chatting to a girl, and the boyfriend arrives.  No harm was done, except in his eyes you are trying to get in her pants, so he’s probably going to punch you.  What he does next is a moment of pure genius.

Finally, a great stunt they did in the cinema was to fill it with big, scary bikers all covered in tattoos, piercings and leather jackets, and with only 2 spare seats right in the middle.  Couples walked in on their dates and it’s amazing to see how many people turned around and left!

Their online work is top quality, funny and really connects well with the audience – you only have to look at the viewing figures to see how successful they are.


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