Always Coca Cola

Coca Cola are one of the world’s most successful brands, worth around $75billion.  Their campaigns have always been creative in the marketing all their products, and not just the Cola range.

Their most iconic ad would be their Christmas lorries.  Many believe that Christmas has not started until they see the lorries on their TV screens, and more recently branded trucks have been touring the UK at Christmas time.  Many also believe that it was Coca Cola who made Santa red, when he was previously green, but they insist on their website that this is not the case.

Their sponsorship of major events around the world has meant that not only have they grown as a brand, but the events are able to develop further.  They are the longest continuous corporate partner of the Olympic Games, and they also have strong links with Football, NBA, Nascar as well as iTunes and American Idol.

within marketing, they have always looked to differentiate themselves.  A recent but long standing campaign is their “Share Happiness” theme.  A recent spike in activity was driven in Portugal where they created an ATM that handed money out for free, so long as people went and shared their new found wealth and therefore gained happiness from their generosity.  Another recurring theme are their “Happiness” vending machines, that distribute happiness or prompt positive actions in order to receive a free reward.

Their work continues to inspire (me at the very least) as they are giving away their products but creating an emotional response and relationship with the consumer, which they are more likely to talk about and is likely (arguably proven) to result in customer retention and loyalty with the brand.

One of my favourite videos of theirs is their Security Camera video, which encourages us to see the world a little differently.


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