Your crotch can kill you!

SPOILER – this is not an post about sexually transmitted diseases.  You will not be subjected to any photos of ill-placed illnesses, so please continue reading.

The title of this campaign was also the name of a campaign from Canada. Motorists still believe that by placing the phone in their lap they are suddenly invisible from Police as if they cannot see the phone and your hands are on the wheel then it must be completely legal.

As the photo shows, it is not subtle…it just looks like you have neon lights strapped to your tallywhacker!  Your attention leaves the road for an average of 5 seconds in the time you look down – in that time a person can cross from the opposite side of the road and walk right in front of your car.  at 30pmh, you would travel over 13metres in 5 seconds.

And Ladies, you are as guilty too!

Rhode Island, USA, is currently looking into banning pets from sitting on the lap of drivers for the same distracting reasons.


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