Tasty Print Ads

Sampling is a technique that’s been used for any products for a number of years.  It’s a great way of getting your product into the hands of potential consumers and generating interest directly with each one.

Brands such as Walkers and Nestle more recently have held competitions by introducing 4 new flavours to the market for a couple of months, with the most popular flavour being introduced to circulation “full-time”.  This leads to consumers sampling each of the 4 flavours, it generates buzz and talk online and leads to a result that the majority of your audience prefer.

Fanta have recently introduced a print ad that comes packed with information – the whole sheet, about A5, is packed full of writing telling you about the flavour sensations, but the real key is that you can tear a bit off it, put it in your mouth, and taste the flavour of the drink.  The consumable paper stores the orange flavour and allows you to sample it in the most unlikely of situations.

A great campaign that shows the importance of innovation and staying on top of new technologies in marketing.

Fanta1 Fanta2


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