Free advertising on the radio

Radio stations rely on their interaction with the audience.  People interact for many different reasons – to voice opinions, to enter/win competitions, or just to get on the radio and feel famous for a bit, and join in the banter.

It is this banter that created a massive buzz in Australia.  91.8 More FM Auckland’s studios have a decent view to them.  They even look into some neighboring windows. One sunny day, they looked out and noticed a man and a woman involved in some kinky business involving whips, handcuffs and costumes.  Their excitement at witnessing such things echoed out through the airwaves for 3 days, creating buzz with guests, listeners and all over their social media.  They uploaded photos and broadcast what they were wearing and what they were up to.

Suddenly on day 3, whilst they were watching, a banner was revealed that advertised the new series of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, beginning that night on Prime, a TV Channel in Australia.

This is an amazing example of how an agency turned a brief for a 30 second radio ad into a campaign that had free coverage for 3 days.


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