Heineken – A Top 10 Brand?

Heineken have always been one of my favourite brands, not only because it’s not bad beer, but also because the quality of the content they put online.

Not only are they imaginative and humorous, but what they produce is of such a high quality and is so genuine (horrible buzzword I know) that it really connects with me as a consumer.

I begin with their latest video The Candidate.  Job interviews are full of the same old questions, and inevitably bring about the same answers.  CV’s are helpful to cut away people who clearly don’t belong in the process, but at some point, it will all boil down to personality.  Knowing this, Heineken created the first job interview you couldn’t prepare for, where personalities have no choice but to shine through.


15th February 2012, and fans are arriving in Europe for Champions League Match day.   They check in to their hotel rooms, where they find the Official Champions League Trophy in their room.  The reactions and screams are priceless, demonstrating the true passion for the competition.


Anyone after a game thinks they are an expert pundit, telling friends what should have been done, and where players and managers went wrong.  19th May 2012 – Bayurn Munich vs Chelsea.  Heineken host commentary from famous pundits in a pub.  What they don’t know however is that the match is being streamed on a delay, and there are plants in the room to “predict” what happens in the game, causing shock and confusion throughout the crowd.

It is the reasons above that put Heineken into my top 10 brands.   Keep following to find out what the rest are!


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