Are Volkswagen Beetles Embarrassing?

I have recently come across this new advert for the Volkswagen Beetle, and I think it’s sending mixed messages:

On the one hand, you have 3 guys in the Volkswagen Beetle, and they want to be seen in it and with the top down because it’s an awesome car, however it’s so cold they are wrapped up in coats and balaclavas.  This is, I believe, the message Volkswagen are trying to deliver.

However when I watched it, I couldn’t help but think these were 3 men in a Volkswagen Beetle, and they don’t want to be seen in it.  Why is the roof down? Lets say it’s stuck like that for ease.

Maybe it’s personal opinion, because If i was in a VW Beetle with the roof down, I’d want my identity hidden, but I feel this could yield some spoof ad responses for VW.


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