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The Superbowl can cost fans thousands of dollars for a single seat, and is therefore just a dream to most people.   To American college students, who play the sport on a daily basis and whose games are televised at the top level, it is even more disappointing to know that, in all likelihood, they will never get to see the Superbowl live.

Cue 2 students from Savannah State University, code-names Kobe and LeBron, who wanted to go and see the Superbowl, but like many couldn’t afford it.  They managed to get themselves in during Beyonce’s halftime show, and then watch the second half of the game.  They filmed the whole process from Go Pro cameras on their heads, and simply strolled calmly through levels of security to be able to walk out almost at the side of the pitch, through all the backstage areas of the event.

This is the 8 minute video, but they say soon they will be uploading a longer feature to show exactly how they did it.  As they stroll past a group of security one says “Just like on TV” and the other says “We look like Splinter Cell!”  The innocence of these two college students referencing films and video games as they stroll through levels of security makes this a great watch!


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