Keep It Clean!

This is not the first post I have written on wordplay, and nor will it be my last.

I have always been a fan of wordplay, especially used in advertising, since one Christmas as a child as we sat watching one of those “100 Greatest Comedy Sketches of All Time” shows that you realise once you pass 50, you are in it until the end no matter what.  One of the top 10, if not the overall winner, was of course the four candles/ fork handles pun by the Two Ronnie’s.  the simplicity of the joke, and the other misunderstandings throughout made it top drawer comedy which, thankfully, no one has tried to recreate.

Previously, I have mentioned Durex’s wordplay around New Year’s Eve, and I also briefly touched on an advert for Call Of Duty.  Both adverts – not so surprisingly in Durex’s case – are very sexually suggestive and funny, both of which help reinforce brand recognition.

So, while I was sat at my desk on a Friday morning, dreaming of the weekend, a large picture of a beaver appeared on my screen.  I glossed over it, fearing it was yet another advert telling me that for only £12 p/w I could stop deforestation on my own.  However, my brain whilst in scanning mode, picked up on 2 words: clean beaver.

Alarm bells started ringing – did I read this right or has it simply been that long??  Is this in fact a sexually based pun somehow related to deforestation?  Could this be the new Gillette advert for women we have all been waiting for?

Sadly, “The best your mum can get” did not follow, but the print ad itself is a great, and suitable way, or marketing this product.  Why you wouldn’t just jump in the shower I don’t know but each to their own!



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