Ants Must Die, and the power of radio

I recently spent a day with the Radio Advertising Bureau, having an induction on everything from understanding who the listener is, how to create partnerships, why we love radio, the power of sound (I wrote a small piece on this not long ago) and what makes a good commercial.  Some important things to remember:

  • Don’t shout at the listener – get their attention and walk them through what you are trying to tell them.
  • Don’t drown your message with T’s & C’s.
  • Radio is not intrusive, it’s there in the background for hen you need it.
  • Radio is the highest used medium before 1pm
  • Can be both functional with news etc and emotional as a mood enhancer.
  • If an ad runs on TV as well as radio, awareness increases by 42% compared to TV alone.
  • You need a sonic string (jingle everyone recognises)

Some examples of great use of radio:

Monty Python’s Life Of Brian Radio Ad

Absolute Radio Giveaway

Orthene Fire Ant Killer

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