Sexism in the Superbowl

I have just read an article that has got on my nerves..

It seems in this year’s Superbowl (or Brandbowl) that half the adverts are sexist and depict women in a negative way.  This comes from an article which shows a list of some of the ads, and then some Twitter feedback obtained from them.  People then tweeted #NotBuyingIt to vent their frustration and opinions on the world.

I am trying very hard too not express how I feel about these idiots….sorry, people.

I can see in some cases where a point could be argued, but on the most-part, it’s a lot of mountains being made out of what I wouldn’t even describe as molehills.

Some personal highlights can be seen under the respected videos:

@FIATUSA cars are so masculine that they conspire with scorpions to undress women?

@Budweiser Stick to horses, please! Objectifying women is hurtful, horses are cute!

@GoDaddy so the sexy female couldn’t be the brains of the business?

stop teaching our boys that bravery is kissing a girl you’ve never talked to & that girls are simply objects or rewards @audi

@Audi I’m disgusted. A man walking into a dance and grabs a woman to kiss? Sexual assault without consent is not swoon worthy

@MBUSA “The car and everyTHING that comes with it.” women are NOT things!

Hey @MBUSA More WOMEN drive than men AND we influence 85% of car buying decisions. Stop the sexist ads

Dear @MyGildan: If I’m sleeping & somebody fondles me, that is sexual harassment

@MyGildan Promoting taking off a woman’s clothes while she is passed out? Are you selling rape culture or T-shirts?


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