My top Superbowl adverts

So in the early hours of this morning, the Baltimore Ravens beat their rivals the San Francisco 49’ers in the 47th Superbowl.  For the first time ever, the opposing coaches were brothers adding more emotion and pressure on the game.  You could argue that this means that their parents are already winners with both their children competing at the top level in their sports, but I believe there are two others for whom the Superbowl is a  fairy tale to their stories.

Michael Oher (on whom the film The Blind Side was based) and Patrick Willis, a college teammate of Oher’s, have both overcome near impossible journeys of their own to get this far.  Michael was homeless, and Patrick escaped an abusive father.  Both ended up being adopted by families and now they are at the peak of their sport, and very humble about their journey.  This ABC News interview tells their story and what they have overcome as families.

As for the adverts during the game, some I felt were strong campaigns, and others looked more like one off adverts to drive a spike in awareness.  Here are my favourite adverts from this years SuperBowl XLVII:

THE WINNER: Go Pro’s Dubstep Baby

Because it’s a really nice story.

A great tale with a nice twist at the end.

Because we all need a bit of bravery!

Because he deserves it!

Because I love the clever twist on an ad based around a lucky chair

Because I love how they play the couple against eachother

Because now we know that goat’s aren’t always a good idea.


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