Superbowl Stereotyping

To a lot of people (mainly in Adworld) the Superbowl adverts are as much of a spectacle as the match itself.  At least you know the adverts are going to play for the duration, and not stop and start every 5 seconds for 4 hours.

Due to the cost of these ad slots, companies make a serious effort to make their ads memorable, whether they are cute, funny, astonishing filmography, graphic or any combination of those.  Volkswagen in recent years has made some great ads featuring a young boy in his Darth Vader outfit struggling to use his powers.

This year Volkswagen went for a different approach, and fair play to them – you need to innovate.  You can’t be seen just reusing the same characters as people will get bored.  They want and expect something new.

What they didn’t expect was this.  In order to show how relaxing and fun their new car is, they give a white man a thick Rastafarian accent.  Needless to say, the brand has come under fire from groups calling the advert racist.  However it seems VW covered their backs, as they stated to have “spoken to 100 Jamaicans during the research process“.


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