Get Outdoors

Once again, I must reiterate that you cannot guarantee that a video will or won’t go viral.  I wrote a blog post on this a while back, so I won’t spend any more time repeating myself.  However, these two events are awesome cases of how a video can go viral.

For the launch of Hollywood’s “Walking Dead” series, they dressed people up as zombies and sent them off around New York.  This happened not long after the story was released of the man who was seen eating someones face, so Americans were extra jumpy and horrified.

In a separate campaign by Tic Tac in Europe, they created a very innovative way of showing people the very real dangers of  bad breath.  Some of the reactions to this stunt are priceless, especially the man who runs out the square as fast as he can.  I was only disappointed that no one collapsed with the crowd.

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