Surprise from the skies

When you work in a tall office building there are pros and cons.

PROS – You are in a secure job, you are getting well paid, you get on with colleagues  and if you are high enough up and the weather’s half decent you might get a pretty good view!

CONS – You’re job is unstable, you aren’t getting well paid, you don’t get on with the people you work with, you’re so high up the building that you are in the clouds and can’t see a thing!

Either way, the same view for more than a week is going to get pretty boring, apart from occasionally you might get the window washers going up and down so you can piss them off inspecting their work in front of them, but even that would get boring eventually.

Ultimat Vodka wanted to do somethign memorable, and they wanted to target the professional, working crowd who might go for a drink after work.  To do this, they got a suit into one of the washer’s platform that go up and down the side of buildings and he went floor to floor with messages for all the workers.  A fantastic way to break up the day-to-day in a memorable way.

Another article that caught my eye was this time done by real window washers.  The cleaners at La Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis,Tennessee dressed up as Spider-man and Captain America to cheer the children up, so that they could see their favourite super heroes coming to their windows and giving them a wave.  What a great way of bringing a little bit of joy to the patients’ and nurses’ lives, as well as anyone passing by, or who read this article.

super3 super2 super1


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