Popcorn on demand

We all get those days at work where we have to work through our lunch break Al Desko.  It’s hard to find a time to stop mid thought, go and warm up your food, slam it down and get back in the zone.

Sadly (or thankfully I guess) it’s still not accepted to have someone feed you at your desk, but there is now a way to get around the problem.

This voice-controlled popcorn machine uses sonar-like technology to pinpoint where a voice is, before adjusting it’s trajectory and firing a piece of popcorn across the room into your mouth.  The Popinator, created by the guys at Thinkmodo, fires every time you shout “POP!” Everyone throws the popcorn into their own mouth, so why not have it fired straight in straight from the machine!  It is a must have for the office.


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