Too many alternatives will piss off the consumer

This post is quite relevant, as I am currently reading “The Paradox Of Choice – Why Less is More“.  The book basically says that shopping used to be easy – there were maybe one or two alternatives.  Now there are skinny, carrot, slim, fitted, regular, baggy and easy fit jeans, all say on length but they all fit differently, from hundreds of different brands!  There is too much choice now, and it makes shopping less enjoyable and makes the consumer more agitated.

the author, Barry Schwartz, continues to put describe the same problem with TV.  first there were 5 channels, and now there’s 1000.  if that wasn’t enough, there are on demand services, and you can record 2 TV shows whilst watching a third.  It is only because of this, that we are now annoyed that 2 recordings may clash, and so we have to choose what to record – we can’t record enough!

This advert for Genie lets us record up to 5 shows at once…not that there’s ever 5 things on at the same time you want to watch.  There’s rarely more than 2!   But above all, this advert goes in, due to the dentist scene a few seconds in.


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