It’s not crazy, it’s just sport

Imagine you work in a restaurant, hotel, for a taxi company, at the theatre, in a bar…anywhere that requires a booking.

You get a phone call – someone making a reservation.  They give you their name…’s David Beckham!

Not a lot of people at this point wouldn’t go absolutely mental at the thought of looking after the Beckhams on an evening out – if anything just for the tip!  Most people nowadays would probably take to social media sites telling everyone to get down.

But what if it wasn’t the David Beckham?  What if it was just an ordinary man, who shared the same name?

This is the situation on the new ESPN advert.  Being ESPN America, they used their biggest star Michael Jordan instead of David Beckham, but you get the idea!  It follows Michael, just an ordinary guy, as he goes about his day-to-day business, disappointing people, through no fault of his own!


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