Online Shopping in the real world

Every internet user gets annoyed when online shopping.

First, you got to find stuff in a tiny thumbnail so it barely stands out, meaning you have to look through every single item on the page – this is tedious, and makes you more likely to pick up loads of things you don’t need!  Then comes the tactic I call “The Amazon”, after it’s most prolific user. You are now interrogated by your computer as it tells you what other customers have looked at and purchased with their milk, as you feel forced to cave in and buy 10kgs of coffee and 50 boxes of cereal, as well as a widescreen TV, a whisk and hub caps for the car you’ve never owned!

A family friend lives out in Kazakhstan and they must do their whole years worth of shopping at the beginning of the year (they are that secluded), and it is sent over in a container, so they are limited – you must guess and ration loo roll usage, the children will eat the same cereal for 365 days, Christmas Turkey must be bought and frozen in February…this must be the person that my suggestions are based upon!

Once everything is in your basket (you’re now hoping you pressed 1 not 100 in the quantity section because you can only remove items one-by-one) you have the checkout process.  Payment is relatively easy, and when you are diverted to enter an extra password for your bank’s security you are grateful they are looking out for you.  What nobody likes however is the box where you must prove you’re human.  “Enter the characters you see”.  Disappointingly, the image I have found isn’t too hard to get your head around, but you see where I am coming from. (a7vEHK I hope!)


Google have realised that to some, this is quite a harrowing experience, so they recently created a sarcastic but very funny video of how horrible a real store would be if staff acted like Google Analytics.  Their comedic approach at highlighting everything they create that annoys us, for me, lets them off the hook…for now.  I’m sure just around the corner there will be another “lifeline” set to make our lives a misery!


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