For the foodies!

We’ve all had the temptation to take photo’s on your phone of food you eat, and then upload it to Facebook for everyone to be riddled with food-envy.  Then, Instagram came along, and made it a fashionable craze.  People were starting to get a bit bored of only seeing peoples food, but now there’s a use for it.

Restaurants have started instagraming their menus, so if you are sat at the table, or nearby, and can’t decide what to eat (assuming they are out of steak), you can get on the menu for somewhere nearby and check out all their dishes!

Similarly, there is an app called Foodspotting, which takes your location and shows you plates of food nearby that people have uploaded to the site, and where they ate.  This link to their website will show you all how it works.  It’s completely user generated, so most of the photos are reasonable quality off a phone, but you get the sense some restaurants have uploaded their own photos of the food…and why shouldn’t they?!


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