Change your perspective

I’ve been having a bit of fun around the office, emailing pictures of this large bottle of Bacardi and Jeroboam of Moet around the office, and offering it for free to the first person to come to my desk and grab it!

20121218_111643 (2) 20121218_120212 (2)

The Bacardi bottle…5cl.  And the Moet…200ml.  If you shoot something from a certain angle, it will look different.

A recent example I found of this was a video of a car chase.  It screamed Hollywood, with jumps, police chasing, a helicopter, but everything was remote controlled.   Film makers teamed up with Need For Speed: Most Wanted makers to film this chase through the city bringing you the msot intense miniature race ever.

Another perspective technique, and a perosnal favourite, is tilt shift photography.  this is a technique where blurring the top and bottom of a picture can make the objects seem miniature, and then speeding the footage up makes it look like a wierd ant city!

Check it out here!


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