Whopper Freakout

Burger King’s pride and joy is the Whopper – it made them the brand they are today.  Without the Whopper, they are nothing.

So as you would expect, for Burger King to take it off their menu unannounced would be irritating to some customers.  Some could even possibly be described as upset…some angry.

This was all done on purpose by Burger King, in an experiment to see what would happen if their biggest seller was discontinued without notice.  They also gave out McDonald’s Big Macs and Wendy’s burgers to customer’s who ordered the Whopper, and then claimed that the customer was trying to swap it!  You have to give it to Americans…if you take their burgers, they will not be happy!

I love that the company was cocky enough to take away it’s cash cow and potential piss off it’s customers to show how much it’s loved.

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