The Turkey Whisperer

It’s at this time of year that I can’t help but feel sorry for the Turkey.  Every year they get fed up before being sacrificed for us to enjoy with roast potatoes, gravy, pigs in blankets and dare i say it…brussels sprouts

Sprouts (with bacon…of course!)

Recent evidence has shown that the turkey’s may have caught onto this trend, and that some of them actually know what us humans are up to.  Although more and more people each year are resorting to beef at Christmas to satisfy their needs of a juicy piece of meat, the turkey is still a tradition enjoyed by many at this time of year, and with Christmas and Thanksgiving falling so close together, you can’t help but fear for our festive friend.

Here is some footage from inside a turkey farm, where the news is broken to the outrage of many!

Worrying footage, I know, and it is only made worse by the discovery of this second video, where a man has approached the turkeys, clearly after this meeting, taunting them and teasing them about their impending fate…


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