Best of 2012

2012 has been an epic year – and a full year, to the disappointment to those who predict the end of the world at suitable dates (01/01/01…07/08/09…11/11/11…12/12/12…you’re all fucked now!)    Here are some of my favourites:

Domino’s Pizza

This was quite a tough year for Domino’s.  They found out that their pizzas were crap – not easy when your business model revolves around 1 product…which apparently tasted like cardboard.  In the Domino’s Pizza Turnaround, Part 1 shows us the critics talking about the pizza, and then the chefs’ mission to fix the problem, and Part 2 shows us the chef’s taking the pizzas to the critics’ houses, not asking for apologies, but true feedback on what they think is their best pizza yet!  This was a bold strategy for Domino’s, “coming out of the closet” of selling a disappointing and over-priced product, to giving consumers a quality product for the money they are paying.They also ran a great Crowd Sourcing campaign where they asked customer’s to give their constructive criticism on all aspects of the company, from uniforms to delivery vehicle and anything the consumers can think of!  Find the Think Oven video here.

Red Bull Stratos


One of the most memorable things of the year.  For many generations, including mine, this was our moon landing.  This event saw a man test his body and mind to the limit, and an energy drink fund an aerospace project that could help advance space tourism and high altitude flight.  The project is rumored to have an estimated cost of $30m, but the media coverage from the project alone is also estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars.   It was streamed live on YouTube, breaking 3 world records and watched live around the world by over 8 million people.  Along with this, their Formula 1 team won another constructors championship, and their annual events including the Flugtag and Cliff Diving all went ahead successfully, resulting in a great year for the brand.

London Olympics

The 2012 Olympics was a true demonstration of London’s spirit and ability to get behind and host the largest international event in the world.  Thankfully it was also a successful year for Great Britain in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games, with notable performances from Bradley Wiggins, Mo Farah and Ellie Simmonds.

An amazing build up to the Paralympics by Channel 4 made it it’s own event, and not just a follow up to the Olympics.  Their “Meet The Superhumans” advert captured the imagination of the British public, with great powerful visual and catchy audio.

Some other highlights of 2012:

Finally, however much it pains me, I have to mention Psy and Gangnam Style.  This song seems to haunt me in every bar or club I’m in, and every radio I’m near, but it is the most watched video on YouTube of all time, nearly doubling the previous record holder Charlie Bit My Finger…Again!  4 Days ago the video had 928,832,498 views, and now it has 969,133,413 views.   Should hit 1,000,000,000 by Sunday or early Monday morning…you heard it here first!!


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