Is Darth Vader a match for Mickey Mouse? I’ve seen Fantasia and I’m not so sure.

So a few weeks ago, Star Wars was sold to Disney for $4bn, to the outrage of many.

Most people will/should agree that the original Star Wars films were 3 of the all time great movies – the must sees, and what followed was a horrible, heart-breaking destruction of all out memories.  Instead of remembering characters like the cuddly yet crafty Ewoks, we are stuck with memories of an annoying Jar Jar Binks who looked like he wore his trousers on his head, and the confusion over how technology was far more advanced when young Skywalker was a child.

jar jar

However, as soon as the decision was made to make episodes 4,5 and 6 (or 1,2 and 3…I’m so confused – I mean the “prequels”), they were never targeting their previous audience, and by giving the films to Disney to re-create, it once again will be targeted at a younger audience, so that they can have their magical film to grow up with, like so many did with the original 3 films.

But look on the bright side, maybe Disney Pixar will get involved, and we might get a classic such as Shrek or Monsters Inc, so riddled with innuendos that the whole family can enjoy it.


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