Going Viral

The worst thing a client could tell you to make, or someone could suggest in a brainstorm, is a viral video.  You cannot guarantee a viral video!  No one was to know that Charlie Bit My Finger…Again or Gangnam Style were going to go viral.

Adverts such as TNT’s Add Drama and T-Mobile Flashmobs have all seen great success on the internet, and everyone has been trying to find a way to create something new that people will follow.  Different people will tell you different things that an online video needs “short and snappy…long and informative…funny…serious…interesting…irrelevant…”.  There is no specific winning formula.  TomTom here have created a great video on the struggles of creating an ad with a low budget…because they blew most the money on prizes in their competition.  A pretty funny mockery of some of the videos we share and love.

TomTom aren’t the only one’s having a laugh at the idea of viral.   Below is an advert for the company Buyral, where companies can spend money to get a certain number of views or likes on their videos, thanks to an army of computer users and an endless supply of time to dedicate to viewing your videos! If this actually happened in some countries, I’m not sure I would be surprised!


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