Chicago Toy Store

It’s Christmas time once again, and every year, children’s toys are getting cooler, flashier and louder than my mobile.

I still remember getting a micro machines truck that I could drive around, and then folded out into a small city, and carried all my cars inside.  That was my iPhone – I refused to travel without it, and wherever I was, it was out on the table for everyone to see.

MicroMsNow though, I see kids, and they are being given iPads for Christmas, with a load of games on it to keep them quiet.  Yes it’s interactive, and I’m sure it can make learning fun, but it all comes back to that one video of a baby trying to use a magazine like an iPad.

All hope is not lost, as I just came across a Toy Store in Chicago, without any toys.  It comes from the Chicago Toy Museum, because the number 1 gift during the holidays in the US is video games.  Video games are very structured, you have to follow a certain set of rules and a certain path in order to complete objectives and complete it.  The Toy Museum set out to see if kids still knew how to have fun like they did in the old days – with no instructions and no direction, and just some instruments to creativity.  A box and some felt tip pens for example!

The results show children at first a bit skeptical about a shop filled with cardboard boxes, but soon letting their imaginations run wild as they build castles and planes – one even turns himself into a robot!


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