In the beginning…

I don’t think “blogging” is going to be the right word for what is going to follow over the coming hours/days/months/years.  I think “ranting” could be a more appropriate term to use.  A lot of my posts will be related to advertising and marketing, as that’s the industry I work in.  I am not your average industry type – no black shirt, no thick rimmed glasses and no well groomed beard/moustache combination (but I’m working on the latter), but hopefully the blog will prove to be entertaining and inspirational, and maybe even a little bit comical?

Creative Person

I’m going to do the honorable thing, and leave my blogging virginity here instead of dragging it out into pointless text.  Looking back on my first time, I feel a sense of deja-vu.  I didn’t know what I was doing, it seems disappointingly short, and I don’t know how soon the next time will be!  But, once again, I will be optimistic and hope it will get better.

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